News and Updates!

The fun stuff first! Jeremy Wilkins of the band We Are Parasols did a lovely blog post on all the art work I have made for their band over the years. Check out the write up here, “ARTWORK BY DANIEL KOPTON (DANKLIFE) -OR- SPHERES, SKULLS, & LIGHT.”

I finally got a bit of time to start updating the portfolio as well and added a project we did for Sierra Nevada that needed landscapes and log cabins rebuilt. Pretty fun stuff.

Smoke interacting with objects

Yesterday I wanted to get some smoke to roll down a sweep, interact with a object and then have some wind come in to clear the set. This is where I ended up and I’d chalk it up as a success. I did not get into lighting or textures too much because I wanted to focus on the sim mostly. There is also some annoying flicker in the textures I need to look into fixing. Then I brought it into Resolve 16 and dove into some of the nodes for the first time. The Fusion part of Resolve I think I can sink my teeth into. Interesting stuff in there.

Smoke Study Part Two, colored and maybe animated

Still walking the road of smoke sims in Houdini and this is the latest still image from a hopeful animation. Maybe? Need to load it into Resolve and see how it works in there yet. Happy with the shape, color and movement. Torus with a mountain SOP on it for the smoke source.

Smoke Study: Houdini and Redshift

Been super busy with the work-a-day world but I was able to get a smoke sim built in Houdini over the past few days. Think that smoke sim is where I will be spending my time when I have the energy. Pretty happy with the shape and texture of this one. Learning how to art direct it is pretty tricky. Hoping to get into animations at some point but for now I’ll stick with still I think.

Fluid Source node in Houdini 17

If you are wondering where in the hell the fluid source node went to in Houdini 17, The genius behind Applied Houdini already has a explainer video for you here.

“Essentially it's a Pyro Source SOP (set to Source Smoke) to create points, an Attribute Noise SOP to mess up the density values a bit, and then a Volume Rasterize Attributes SOP to convert the points into a volume that can be read into the simulation with the new Volume Source DOP node, which needs only to be set to Source Smoke to work properly…”

There is a reason I do not have children

“What if I told you there was a paper on climate change that was so uniquely catastrophic, so perspective-altering, and so absolutely depressing that it's sent people to support groups and encouraged them to quit their jobs and move to the countryside? “

More on Vice and found VIA Metafilter

“Chiefly, that it's too late to stop climate change from devastating our world—and that "climate-induced societal collapse is now inevitable in the near term."

How near? About a decade. “

Podcast link here.

WAP logo study

Was tinkering around with vellum and the detangle node in Houdini yesterday and came up with this little logo study for the band, “We are Parasols”. Liking Redshift in Houdini quite a bit as well. Volumetrics are pretty easy to do. Though I say that after failing terribly at a fire sim this weekend……