So many, many years ago I signed up with ASCAP in a band that was doing OK. I have been trying to get out of that contract for the past 6 months now. I did not weven know I was still in the contract. Which it seems that they clutch in their demon like hands to pour over and review while they are training for Satan Lawyer School. So after months of trying to get an answer I get this gem:

This means that since you have a first quarter election date for your writer membership, your effective resignation date would be April 1, 2011, and your Resignation Notification Form must be received in the P.O. Box listed on the bottom of the Resignation Notification Form between July 1, 2010 - Oct.. 1, 2010.  If your form is received before or after the relevant date for your writer membership, it will not be considered timely and will be returned to you.

So not only is their outdated business annoying, but trying to get out of the contract is right out of dealing with the devil. I have to wait till July to send the forms in and then I won't be out from under them for another 14 months! Awesome. ASCAP is a horrible place.

Avoid ASCAP for any music business.