What not to ask

I have a long list of questions or conversations that are warning signs of bad times to come with a client / job. One of my favorites is when someone asks for layerd PSD files. A- It happens early on, usually before the job is even in house. So I can end the relationship before it begins. So headaches are avoided.

B- It shows right off the bat that this person is not a professional and has no idea how the business works. So they will drive you crazy as you have to explain industry standards over and over.

C- So you want 50-60 files done at 50 megs. Those layered files would be 500-800 megs each. The sheer size of it makes it way more expensive / impratical to transport.

D- If it's that important to you to tweak out the files when we are done. There is no reason you can not tweak out a flattened tiff.

Other things I love:

Low rez jpgs to high rez tiffs.

Composite source materials that do not match lighting or angle.

Proprietary RAW file formats. I'm looking at you Sinar.

I could continue but then I would have to go back to bed and cry into my pillow for a few hours.

Now, I gotta get back to work. Thank you for your time.