Harddrive not on desktop or Finder but visible to Disk Utility in 10.8.3

Work up to a odd little bug this morning.  Booted up the Mac and one of my drives was not showing up on the desktop or in the Finder window.  So first thing I do is launch Disk Utility and I see it sitting there all fine a dandy.  Odd, me thinks.  So I run some repairs, fix permissions, sfae boot, zap pram and everything is all good but no hard drive on desktop still.  Perplexing. So then I right click on it to reveal in Finder and this happens.

I get a "Ghosted" version there with all my files there and I can browse just fine (I just greyed out the file names in the screen cap).  So it turns out that the Preferences somehow got scrambled and set this drive to invisible and repairing permissions will not fix it. Off to the googles where I found this page on how to fix it. Basically open terminal and enter this:

chflags nohidden /Volumes/YOUR DRIVE NAME HERE/

And there you have it. Apple seems to have a lot of bugs at start up and with permissions these days.  If you keep losing connection to your PC look into this hack to fix that glitch as well.