Thoughts on Change

You live your life like chapters in a book. They come and linger for awhile and then pass. You can't cling to these moments as they come, for to do so brings you nothing but unhappiness and sorrow.

To cling to these brief moments of your life is like chasing after light. It is always on the horizon and deftly out of reach. To let them pass gracefully, even to revel in them is preferred. For clinging to a moment and attempting to shun change brings only sorrow and fear most certain.

With the future, sorrow and fear are only possibilities if you close yourself off to it.

People's unnatural fear of the future comes from their own root fear of change. To open one's self up to change is to remove that fear completely and forever.

--Another bout of insomnia last night got me to thinking. The rain is nice though in helping me relax.