Google to Yahoo Hijack

No thanks. I was with RoadRunner here in Austin back when they firstrolled out service, and for a couple years after that. I know just how flaky and lame their email, DNS, and web services are. They made headlines multiple times here when their POS email server ate thousands of customer emails, and their DNS was a joke (they have redundant DNS servers, but if one malfunctions, the others malfunction as well - meaning dear mom one day gets bounce back messages when she tries to email you, for instance). I found out Time Warner uses Microsoft servers exclusively, due to a limiting funding contract they signed with M$. And I'm quite sure they suck just as much, if not more, today than ever.

I've since switched to Earthlink as my ISP. Time Warner still provides the hardware (the cable line to my house, and the modem), but Earthlink provides the services (DNS, email, web). It's been smooth sailing ever since! I switched my DNS to OpenDNS only to avoid Earthlink's invasive ad-laden search pages on failed DNS lookups. Now with the addition of AdBlock Plus, my web browsing is pain-free!

Yeah, awesome. This just started happening to me this week. Time Warner has a monopoly so there is no-one I can switch too. Also, talking to a tech I could not even get them to admit these pages exist even though I have screen shots and the url. Just a FYI people.....