Lightroom for iPad briefly appears on Adobe’s website, coming soon with $99/year cloud subscription | 9to5Mac

The benefit of the $99 service will be that users will not need to store several hundred megabytes or gigabytes of high-resolution photography on the iPad. They can just store it in the cloud or synchronize from their Mac. These photos will still be able to be edited and managed on the iPad, and changes will be synchronized back. Yes, it’s very much like an “iCloud” for Lightroom. A video of the prototype app is above at around 19 minutes in.


Hmm.... this is actually the first good idea I have heard from Adobe for awhile.  If I could edit my personal work on my ipad and get away from the computer that would be a huge plus to me.  This could possibly get to me to actually break down and subscribe instead of owning if it works as described. Screw the cloud though, lol, I'll use my NAS thank you. 

I would probably buy tomorrow if they made Lightroom support .PSBs (if anyone at Adobe is listening). There is not a single DAM solution out there that supports it.  I have to make jpgs with big text saying JPG of PSB so I can find it in there.