Retouchers are what web designers were in 1996.

"My cousin has a copy of Front Page, why do we need to hire some fancy Web Designer for our site? We can save a ton of money using him!"

Replace Front Page with "Pirated Photoshop" and you get the drift. One of the things that really get my goat is how people think retouching is easy work, so thats why they want to do it. Though now that I think about it, I guess that pretty much pisses off any professional in any field, but I digress. Retouching, though it is close to 100 years old, is still considered new in Photography because of all the digital whiz bangery there is. As if no one made a composite or retouched a in a chemical darkroom before.

Someone pirates a copy of Photoshop posts a postage stamp composite at 72dpi to WorthOnethousand and they think they can retouch professionally for print. LOL!

So anyways, stop emailing me for work. Rant over. I am gonna go drink coffee and stare at pixel at 500%.