Two Illustration tips

So I have a large collection of Photoshop brushes here. So large in fact that it can crash my system. Because of this I have deleted most of them from Photoshop.  Now I use this awesome little plug in that allows you to use the Mac's Quick Look function to preview them. Select one in the finder, hit the space bar for a preview and see if you want to load it. Life saver. BrushView QuickLook PlugIn.

Free of course. Saves me a ton of time.

I also tracked down a pretty amazing set of AI brushes doing research for another project. Colorburned has posted a set of 105 retro brushes that are amazing time savers and very functional. Bringing these into Photoshop make me a happy camper. You can copy and paste between all Adobe apps now in case you did not know.

Yeah, this is the stuff that gets me excited....