Volumetrics innnnn sppppaaaaaaaaaacccceeeeee!

Worked up a volumetric study in C4d and Redshift last night. Was interesting to put the thing in a cloner and play with it that way. The cloner idea was from that LFO Desgin class I am taking ATM. Learning a ton from that, probably one of the best classes I have purchased and I have bought a tooooon of tutorials. He really explains what everything does instead of just walking you through entering numbers. That or my brain has exploded from Houdini and I am just happy to have a damn UI again instead of coding…..

Puck in Houdini

I was following along with this Houdini live stream the other day and thought it could be interesting to apply the Redshift stuff I have been learning to it but in Houdini. I actually got it all working and built out this creepy little puck statue. You can see the nodes for tight wires and how I textured the main Puck figure in the screen shots. Did the grading in Adobe Camera Raw to finish it off and that was a wrap at 10:30 or so, lol!

Recent progress

I have continued with more RedShift in C4d and have really been enjoying it. Went back to Houdini to mess around and ran into a bug where I can’t get the lights to look at nulls. I can load the null as a target and it will track it for the first movement and then it clears the field and drops the link.

No Idea.

Then I tried to load a fbx file and what a freaking nightmare it is. Tried the first free solution below and it worked but a simple pair of shoes that in C4d is 4 pieces of geometry became over 150. So yeah, really frustrating. That said, being back in C4d has been really nice and easy. It’s nice not to have to break my brain to build out simple sets. So many possibilities with Houdini but it’s really frustrating to do simple ass shit.

Redshift is starting to really grow on me though. Everything works like I think it should. No abstractions or messed up ways of getting something done. Wire it up and it works. Octane is really, really easy but it does some things really quirky and non-standard. Plus, light linking is a joy in Redshift.

I will say gamma correcting scaler values is pretty abstract and should not be needed. That should be added on the programming level at the start of those channels. It is also not well documented as being needed for true representations of your textures.

Anyways, here are some of the things I have been doing along with the classes. Nothing special really but it’s nice to have a log of what I was building out. Some of these are just saved from the RenderView so I can find them later. A few are a bit more thought out ;)

One of the nice things to make is a default three point lighting set with Nulls as targets for the lights and camera. Set your GI and change the default render settings and bango, saves 5-10 minutes at the start of everything. Highly recommend building out one of those.

Also, Ramps are really, really, really important. Like use them on all the things.

VRay Fun

Been testing out VRay for a bit and it has started to really grow on me. I can spend more time getting the lighting and textures right instead of hunting down the noise demons that dwell in Modo's render engine. I really just hit render and let VRay do it's thing. Here is a outdoor study I worked on last night.

"Some places are better left forgotten..."

Daily 3D project: Week two.

Plugging along with week two of the Daily 3D project with a bit more success after trying to simplify my ideas.  Went a bit more into simply fun cartoonish characters then abstracts.  Was a lot of fun to model out and render this guy.  Based off of a sketch by billiambabble that I really liked on instagram. 

Daily 3d Project

I started to do a Daily 3D project about a week ago and it has been a really intersting excercise so far.  I am attemping to post one 3D project a day to my instagram account but I don't always get something worth posting.  Which is a nice way of saying that I have gone down some real ugly rabbit holes of bad ideas and misplaced direction, lol!  It has beat into my skull that once again that simpler is almost always better. Get an idea and see how far you can strip it down just to get something decent looking. Ton of fun though and learning all sorts of things doing it.  Highly recommend it or something similar if you are in the arts. 


After years of not being on Instagram due to my dislike of social media I signed up not too long ago and I have been having a blast. That with the new iPhone camera just makes walking around and doing my street photography super fun again.  That is the feed to the left over there. Now if only I could start to understand hashtags, lol!