Mac OS X 10.6 code named Snow Leopard, may be pure Cocoa

The next version of Mac OS X is code-named "Snow Leopard," and will indeed be Intel-only, we have learned. This info is hot on the heels of TUAW's original scoop about Mac OS X 10.6 being readied for shipment as soon as Macworld 2009 and being Intel-only.

People familiar with the situation have confirmed to us that TUAW's details are true—Snow Leopard is currently on track to come out during next January's Macworld, and it will not contain major OS changes. Instead, the release is heavily focused on performance and nailing down speed and stability. With Apple's current (and future) focus on smaller, thinner, and more mobile devices, this move makes perfect sense. Things like the MacBook Air, iPhone, iPod touch, and other mysterious devices that have yet to be announced need better performance for better battery life, and that's definitely something Apple wants to excel at in the years to come. Our sources did not note whether Apple planned to discuss Snow Leopard at this year's WWDC.

I can't help but think Apple is going the wrong path here. They are targeting light users and portability over power users and work stations. I am already planning on getting Vista 64 so I can run CS4 in 64 bit mode and this may push me over the edge to a full Windows user. Seems like they don't give a shit about power any more and just care about consumer level crap.

Dammit, I love OSX too. Too bad it seems to be becoming a bad choice for anyone who needs speed and performance.