goodbye sir.

Jay Bennett, Former Member of Rock Band Wilco, Dies at 45 - Obituary (Obit) -

Mr. Bennett joined Wilco in 1994, shortly after the recording of the band’s first album, “A.M.,” which was released the next year. Beginning with “Being There” in 1996, he played keyboards, guitar and various other instruments, and gradually his role grew. With “Summerteeth” in 1999 and “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,” released in 2002, Mr. Bennett became a key part of the band’s songwriting, often as a darker foil to the more fragile style of the lead singer, Jeff Tweedy. A perfectionist in the studio, Mr. Bennett took an active hand in the recording process.

I have to say, he did add a lot to the music and the newer Wilco albums are unlistenable dentist office music to me. Bland crap.

A Ghost is Born is quite good. But the last two... wow. Amazingly horrid. I compare them to the music in the background on the Weather Channel. Someone mail Jeff Tweedy a bag of Heroin ASAP please.