Nike Football goes live

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]The Project we did for Nike Football went live. The Nike Combat Overview image can be seem here. Multiple composites upon composites. The background plate had to be usable on it's own for wall murals. The uniforms are based upon illustrator files. Had to line up not only the lit and unlit shots but also a baselayer shot. The lit and unlit shots are all done with toning too.

By clicking on the player you can Explore the Uniform and see the individual images up close. I can not go into all the details here of the work, but I am quite proud of the texture of the pants.

This was a very fast turnaround of under a week for this whole project with the individual files being 80 megs when flattened and the group shots being 150 megs. So this was not done at web resolutions, this was done at painful 5 gig psd file sizes. Very fun and challenging project which we were very happy to be a part of.