Morning Pics

Now I have wet slippers Really been enjoying my mornings in the garden here. Here is a pic of some of the veggies I planted the other day.

Been thinking about killing the original pixelrust photo page as it is almost redundant now. I really like the new wordpress engine running this part better then that one, but I like the single image post as well. It's just clean and simple. So screw it, I'll keep both running simply because it amuses me.

This here pic was taken with my trusty Canon G9. The macro on that thing is fun as all get out. I have a fancy idea of doing a trypdich of these three images (two links there, fyi.). But I have not laid them all out yet. I like these as a sun flare series though.

(I can hear that little voice in my ear going, "Decorative art! BAH!" and I have stabbed it with a rusty swingline stapler.)