ink jet papers

Hmm... interesting read about some new ink jet papers that are based on the old ways of making B&W photo paper. Luminous Landscape has the write up on it here. "Prints made on Harman Gloss, when viewed in most types of light, display the best characteristics of gelatin silver prints. At a workshop, students and instructors inspected dozens of gelatin silver prints as a baseline for comparison– including ones by Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham. We then viewed prints made on Harman gloss –– looking at image tone, surface, reflectance and black values. Everyone who observed the Harman’s gloss prints agreed that this paper has a truly outstanding surface. It’s gloss and sheen are very similar to traditional prints. Other gloss papers, like Innova F-Type FibaPrint Gloss Ultra Smooth, look like poor imitations of traditional prints. Photographers have been asking for a surface similar to traditional gelatin silver prints, and Harman has delivered. One digital photographer remarked, “This looks like the best silver print I have ever seen.”

It's called Harman Gloss FB AL and is about 210 bucks for 50 sheets. I was printing on the Epson Luster paper for a bit, but then I switched to Moab Entrada Rag Natural 300 becuase even though it is a matt paper, everything looks amazing printed on it. Really smooth tones and poppy whites. I may have to try out some of this Harman paper though. If it looks and feels like a classic Black and White paper, that could really be something there.