Made with MIschief

The Foundry, makers of my fav 3d program Modo, just released a sketching program called Mischief and so far I am having a ton of fun with it. While I would not consider myself someone who draws stuff from scratch I do enjoy it and have been dabbling in Painter and different Photoshop techniques to do hand drawings for years.  So far this program is the simplest and most intuitive to use for me. Just the other day I tried showing Painter to someone who is a  accomplished painter and it's just too freaking complicated to easily use for anything.  With Mischief if you want a bigger brush, zoom out. Smaller brush?  Zoom in.  Kind of how it should work.  Plus, you can zoom in forever without any pixelation.  It is the most bizarre thing to do and really awesome. This is the first thing I did in it last night, once again I am not a drawing type of guy but it was easy to use and sketch in.  I could really use this when concepting or storyboarding.   Oh yeah, bonus, there is a free version and a $25 version.  You really can't say no.