The PC isn’t ready to die, it’s ready for a rebirth

Desktops sales have slowed because manufacturers have let their designs stagnate, but the need for a comfortable machine you can work on hasn’t gone away. Who will reinvent the PC and reap the rewards?

Every other week, there seems to be story about the PC dying. This week, it was because Intel is planning on exiting the motherboard business. The screwy thing is, I think the exact opposite is about to happen. Not only is the desktop not dead, it’s about to go through a resurgence. We’re just waiting for that visionary vendor who realizes that bigger is still better, and this Lemming-like agreement that the desktop is dead is holding people back. Here’s why.

I want to scream this from a mountain top. I hope, beyond hope, that Apple pulls it's head out of it's consumer driven ass and makes a great new PC. I need a new desktop like you would not believe.