Wahclella Falls Oregon 11-07-2010

Been very busy as of late with work so being able to escape and get some shooting done this past weekend was very relaxing. I am exploring what it is like to shoot the same place time and time again. I believe that the only way to get to know an area, to truly photograph it, you have to spend a lot of time there so you can see it throughout the seasons and how it changes. On this hike there were 3-4 seasonal falls that were not there just 3 weeks before. I find that amazing myself. Speaking of, I have another series from here I shot in  October which I am working on the editing now.  Since this is later in the year I want to keep the groups separate. This one has a lot more fall colors in it and I think it is a bit stronger.  The other one has more macro work in it though which is interesting to explore.

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