Tax Time!

Just in case you forgot it's tax time here. Also, if you are GE or Google you don't really pay shit. But you know, if you are a teacher in Wisconsin you a clearly rich and need a pay cut. Let me just link a few lovely things.

The top corporate income tax level in the United States is 35 percent. In the United Kingdom, it's 28 percent. But in Ireland, it's only 12.5 percent, and in Bermuda there's no corporate income tax at all. That means multinational companies that shift their earnings through Ireland or Bermuda can save billions of dollars in taxes each year.

On today's Fresh Air, Bloomberg News reporter Jesse Drucker, who has written extensively about corporate tax-dodging, explains how companies like Google, Pfizer, Lilly, Oracle, Facebook and Microsoft have managed to reduce their tax rates by hundreds of millions — and in some cases, billions — of dollars by taking advantage of offshore tax havens.

And from The Daily Show, I Give Up. It's funny in a sad panda make me wanna chew on a gun kinda way.