How to get Music Free Legally!

So since the nesting instinct has reared it's head here at the compound we went out and bought a new Receiver system. So far so good, get some speaker wire to replace the cheap crap it comes with but it sounds ton's better then my previous system. The previous system being computer speakers.... so uh yeah. Back story time! I have not had a "stereo" system since 2003. I had a Bose system from the 1980's prior to that so I am not exactly a audiophile. Once I made everything digital I just went for computer speakers and airports around the house. But I have been missing the better sound quality and the wife loves her movies so we went for some surround sound.

Anyways, had a old fashioned MP3 get into the playlist last night I had to run screaming to skip the track. Most of what I have is AIFF ripped from the CD collection years ago. But some Mp3's wormed there way into the library over the years and while they work on computer / low end speakers they sound like screeching monkeys on acid on a decent system (I won't pretend this system is high end).

So this lead us to talking about the best way to get DRM free lossless files. Which it turns out you can not buy. Damn. If we could buy them, we would, we are lazy. If a album comes on random that sounds like ass, BAM, download the better version. But alas, the music industry has it's heads firmly lodged up each other's asses and won't allow this. So being stubborn as well as lazy we started trying to figure out the best to to get AIFF's of music. First point, Buy the CD's, rip the CD's, the sell them to a used CD store. So we get the AIFF's cheaper then the Amazon mp3's and the itunes drm crap. Then we though, just buy used CDs and return those. Even cheaper! But then we can up with the winner.

We are going to the Library this weekend.