Danklife Retouching and Photo Illustration is celebrating 15 years of creative happy fun times! Originally started in 2004 I have been having a blast creating imagery for all my clients. The name is from a blog started in 2000 that was a play on "Dan K" and "Danke", being the German word for "Thanks". The blog lives on here under the blog page of course ;)  

The studio specializes in Photo Illustration, CGI and Retouching using all sorts of tools.

Contact page is in the top bar as well should you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by,


Clients have included:  Adidas, Oakley, Mars, New Balance, Activision, Spyder, Microsoft, REI, Men's Health, Sports Illustrated, 24 Hour Fitness, Zumba, Best Buy, Gamblin, CBS Films, HBO, Bicycling, ESPN, Wolf Appliances, Women's Health and many others.