Umberto Boccioni

Like many other Futurists, Boccioni was heavily influenced by Cubism but in his painting and sculpture he used the Futurist approach to express dynamism of the human or animal form. However there is a marked difference between his work prior to his acquaintance with Cubism and that which came after. After his contact with Cubism, Boccioni retained his Bergsonian approach so that The Farewells(1911) shows the same couple several times in various time-place views rather than several couples. However Cubism gave him not only a wider painting vocabulary but his concept of pictorial language changed fundamentally and appears to be on an entirely different level of experience. His later works tended to break up the subject figure and shifting the parts within the painting rather than repeating them whole as in The Farewells. In Materia (1912), for example, Boccioni "shatters" the image of his mother in Cubist fashion and merges it with a view of her surroundings as an expression of simultaneity. I knew his bronzes, but not his paintings, check them out: Umberto Boccioni