Grant Green

Man, I can not get enough of Grant Green right now. Especially Alive! with one of my favorite drummers, Idris Muhammad. Just listen to that groove, yikes!

Interview with him here.  I read somewhere he played the same cymbals for 30 years and cleans them with mud...

"I went down and it was Rahsaan Roland Kirk. It was amazin' to hear this guy do this. So I asked the drummer, could I play one tune with him. It was like a magnet drawing me to him. So he asked me where I was from. His name was Candy Finch. And he let me play. And after the melody, Roland Kirk turned around and said, "Who's that on them drums?" And I said I was Leo Morris. And he said, "Keep that beat! Keep that beat!" And the next thing you know I end up playin' the whole set."