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The black sheep of the contemporary arts family is commonly supposed to be beauty, but if you are truly determined to be erased from the Blackberries of your creative friends and relatives you should try putting in a good word for charm. The drama-free, accessible beauty of small gestures and quiet moments, charm is simply too nice, an embarrassment best left to historians of the eighteenth century and the home styling pages of middlebrow newspapers. True art is not supposed to be comfortable or easy to live with - it should challenge! address! engage! - and the vital processes of discourse and narrative are expected to convince by argument and assertion, not rely upon the suspect crutches of easy sociability and gentle persuasion.

VIA: Wood S Lot

I agree, so much art is just empty comments on the art world. Navel gazing inside of uglier navel gazing to draw attention to someone else's ugly navel gazing. But I am very cynical as to what is called Fine Art. To me 95% of it is made by rich people or kids of rich people with connections to the galleries, A.K.A. Ryan McGinley.