This got me mad....

Seeing this just really got to me today. Really, no shit. None of that apathy bullshit. This is a massive train wreck that is ruining our biggest fishery. And BP will walk away from it all and people will keep drilling away. Keep chanting "drill baby drill" you god damn twits.

For more outrage if your blood pressure allows see this link at Metafilter with many links. Unctuous Gunk in the Bayous.

Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill hits the Louisiana wetlands.More photos here. Meanwhile, the state department confirms US officials have begun talks with Cuba about how to help the small island nation deal with the environmental impacts of the disaster. And as McClatchy and other news agencies are now reporting, the latest independent scientific estimates appear to confirm a rate of flow much higher than BP has previously been willing to acknowledge, in the likely range of 95,000 barrels a day, amounting to roughly an Exxon Valdez size spill every three days. Meanwhile, ProPublica reports that the industry seems intent on keeping the lid on just how bad things really are in the Gulf, and quotes company spokesmen as saying that the actual rate and amount of flow is “not relevant to the response effort.”