Robert Freakin Pollard

Vice Magazine - ROBERT POLLARD -

Was it difficult when things took off for you, to juggle family and a band? You were a schoolteacher and you had two kids.

Yeah, it was extremely difficult, but I was somehow able to do it. Much to the chagrin of some of my relatives, I just couldn’t give up fucking around with music and art ideas. And we didn’t put as much time into it as people thought we did. We would meet on a Saturday or Sunday, get fucked up and record everything we did, and then sit back and laugh at it. And we could barely play. We would make noise, play acoustic guitars, act out skits, experiment with feedback, break things, create radio talk shows, DJ, all sorts of things. And always record it all. Then on Monday I would go back to being a dad, a coach, a teacher, a husband, and an amateur athlete. Too many irons.

Though it may not be cool to link to a Vice article, I dunno. The hipster police may track me down over this one.