Lighting Studies #3

[gallery link="file" columns="2"] Had a lovely BBQ the other day (Thanks to all who made it!) and when the wife walked in with these tomatoes for the salad.... well, she had to put off making the salad for a bit. 9 lights were used along with everything and the kitchen sink. Turns out tomatos are stupidly difficult to shoot and I am still not entirely in love with these.  I could not get a good background to work so I just went with default black.  But since these are just studies I am posting them anyways.

I had to use a diffusion screen above for the backlight which also had some diffusion clipped to it.

Metal screen on two other side back lights to bring them down and scatter highlights. These are what are giving the highlights around the stem on the horizontal.

A focusing lens so I could get a dollop of light onto the stem. Metal screen with a postage stamp opening focused pretty harshly. Took some effort to get it blended with the other lights.

Sculpting wire underneath the tomato so it would stand up.

A Prism in front of it that took the front light and bounced it up a bit more focused.

I think that's all. I should really start photographing the lighting set ups I guess... lol.  And so much for B&W formalness. That lasted all of one post....