New Commisioned Poster Art

Just finished up a commissioned Poster for the Portland band We Are Parasols that I am super happy with. A bit of a breakthrough piece for me for a few reasons. This is the first fully creative piece I have made since recently switching to a new Windows machine from Puget Systems for my full time environment. The Mac be dead people, move on sooner than later. I also contribute the new PC workstation with helping light and build out this set since it is so damn fast. Full on game changer for me. So many more possibilities with a system that does not choke and crash in dense scenes. Another reason is it just looks super damn cool, wheee! Really happy with the feel of it.  I kinda had a breakthrough with Octane Render and understanding the node network and it's slightly quirky take on displacement as well.


Have some news on the music front to report on. In "Old News" a old band of mine called International Grey just had a EP from 2010 reissued which you can check out. A Post Rock project with keyboards and all that stuff. You can read a bit about the project in this interview with the Guitarist Jeremy Wilkins.  Lots of dynamics and textures in this one.

But coming back to modern timelines you can here two new tracks I recorded of the new Punk project I am in called Trouble Cuts at Bandcamp. Power trio line up that has a lot of energy and hooks. Keep an eye out for our shows around town.