Mount Hood's Deadliest Disaster | Outside Online

“About an hour before midnight on Mother’s Day in 1986, a group of teenagers assembled at an Episcopal high school in Portland, Oregon, to embark on an expedition. Their goal was to summit Mount Hood, completing an adventure program that was required for all sophomores. What followed was a story of tragedy and loss that is commemorated annually at the institution it changed forever.”


Shoot At Oddball Tattoo

So the last post was all about getting the Vivitars fired up and this one shows the results.  Because they are so small you get razor sharp light on your subjects.  Man, they are moody things to work with though.  Moody but worth it.

Oneonta George Hike

Went on a relaxing hike in Oneonta George over the past weekend and took a few snappies. Now we are back in sub freezing temps…. boo.

Danklife Mention in The Portland Egoist

The Portland Egoist Gave a lovely write up of my March Madness Project done with Travis Barteaux as the AD for Nike in 2012.

There's something that we deeply love about the art of photo compositing. When it's done well it is a great mix of fantasy and reality. We hadn't seen much of the work from Portland-based illustration and re-touching crew, Danklife, before today. What we're seeing though we're digging. The hyper-realistic, fantastical nature of the work is what we look for in this type of work. The above illustrations were created in conjunction with Nike for last year's March Madness. The effects add to and heighten the already amazing physical nature of young ball players in today's game.

Awesome sauce! Link