Drag-and-drop on applet broken in Safari 5.1

So with the new Safari upgrade Apple broke Java on all browsers. This affects how the Danklife Client Area works as it breaks drag and drop functionality. If you run into this problem as well just hold down Command & Shift and you can drag the applet out of you browser window and then it will work.

I have just upgraded to Safari 5.1 and I notice that drag-and-drop from the Finder to my Java applet does not work anymore (as it is already the case with Firefox 4 and Google Chrome). Now Safari 5.1 acts as Google Chrome : instead of handling drag-and-drop, it displays the dropped file in a new window.

My applet worked fine before upgrading Safari. I have also tested on Safari 5.1 on the Windows platform : drag-and-drop works perfectly.

This is very annoying because, until now, Safari was the only browser on Mac OS X that allowed drag-and-drop on an applet (if I except Firefox 3.6 - which is not the last version of Mozilla browser - and maybe less known browser...). Does anybody know if there is a workaround ?

Unfortunately this is a known issue with Plugin2, which has become the default applet plug-in for all browsers on Snow Leopard and Lion as of yesterday. We have not found NPAPI to have sufficient facilities for us to replicate Java's external drag-and-drop services, and are looking for other technical avenues to pursue.

As a workaround, you can detach the applet from the web page by holding down Cmd-Shift and dragging. The detached applet should respond correctly any DnD operations.

So there you go. You will have a floating Java window that looks like it's own Application.