Lighting Studies

Did a couple lighting studies yesterday here in the studio. Man, I just have to say it again,  I love my Dedolights. I am using those with a Foba Combitube System here and it's addictive. Very enjoyable to throw light around with this set up.

This cymbal was just a attempt at stark and clean. Used about 4 lights on this as you can see by the streaks of light on the top. Had 4-5 little flags all around to help keep the highlights at bay. The glove had 6 on it. 3 from the back, 2 from each side and one snooted just on the fingers in front for some fill.

Forcing myself to explore B&W imagery again as well. I get a little too distracted by color sometimes and I want to bring these back to more of a formal study of texture and light. The goal is to shoot some random object a day. Hope you all enjoy them.

The glove is supposed to be a bit creepy by the way.  The wife comes in and says, "Nice murder glove." ;-)