PIX Feed: PIX CHAT : Jeremy Wilkins, Digital Retoucher

It was exactly at that time that I was introduced to Daniel Kopton, who runs a retouching business called Danklife. We met through a friend of a friend, and he invited me over to see what kind of work he was doing. I was completely blown away. What he was doing was light years beyond any retouching that I had been doing in the headshot world. Daniel agreed to teach me his secrets and give me some freelance jobs, as long as I agreed not to talk back too much. I had some money saved up and knew that I didn't have the time to learn high-end retouching from Daniel and still be at Pixels full time. So, I quit my job and hoped for the best. The transition seems to have been successful. Daniel and I have a really strong working relationship, and I've been with Danklife for 3 years now.

Jeremy gets a little press time!