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ABC News: Clinton, Obama Find 'Brotherly Love' at Philly Debate

This was the most disgusting display of journalism I've ever seen. Charlie and George are puppets. William Ayers, flag pins and "Bitter? Give me a #### break. Those are media driven issues and NOT what people who are struggling with high gas prices are concerned about. I almost paid four dollars for regular unleaded gas at at discount station. But the high price of gas was a throw away question at the end of TWO HOURS! Has anybody at ABC been to a grocery store lately? Are the houses or condos in their neighborhood empty or up for sale b/c of the mortgage crisisI guess not, because they insulted both candidates with the tabloid questions in the first 50 minutes of this charade that was called a debate. This is why I get my news elsewhere, b/c ABC can't be trusted to deal with the truth. Poor Peter Jennings, he didn't work as hard as he did for you to turn this into tabloid TV. And if you want to do Hannity's bidding for him, then go to FOX News.