Vincent Laforet: The Age of the Standalone Still Camera is Coming to and End for all but PROS

"And that’s the point:  it’s not necessarily about the search for the BEST camera, it’s the challenge to make the MOST POPULAR and WIDELY ADOPTED camera.   And the Smartphones have already won that battle.

So as you like;y continue to see the camera market shrink in the next few years, (remember those things called “Point and Shoot” cameras that we used to buy just a few years ago that you don’t ever see anymore…)  you’ll hopefully better understand that pros are going to increasingly become a niche market.   Long gone will be the days of huge conventions with massive camera manufacturer booths."

Interesting write up, but I would say they won at least two years ago. If it was not for the Fuji x100 I would not travel with a stand alone camera at all myself.  Can't think of the last time I took the DSLR out of the studio.  I am saying this as a good thing.  Here is a link to a few snaps I took with the Fuji just to show how good the quality is.  

The thing with me though is that I now spend more time working in CGI then shooting. So make some predictions based on that metric ;)