Daily Doodle project

Been doing a "Daily Doodle" project for about 7 months now where I try to do something in Modo everyday. I seem to swing and miss more often then not but it has been a great learning experience in a few ways. My Modo chops have been improving leaps and bounds of course but it is interesting how it has helped me concept ideas and approach creating. Simple is always better when the goal is just to knock something out in a day.  But I hate to recycle ideas and I am slowly learning that it is OK to do that as people view that as your "style".  Interesting stuff for sure

Here is a sample of them that I have really enjoyed and I wanted a place to post them where they can be seen at a higher res. Did the gym render this weekend and a lot of experimenting with scale.  The boards are not big, the whole sphere and wires bit is as big as a basketball. ;). You can see them as I make them by checking out my Instagram account to the left.