Been making some progress with photogrammetry lately. It's a lot of work but I am really enjoying the results. Been posting these to my instagram but I thought I would add something about how they were made as well. I am shooting with a Canon 5dsr, making the meshes in Capturing Reality, modeling the scene in Modo and rendering in VRay. It's sounds more complicated then it is honestly. 

This was my first go with a boot. Was pretty shocked at the results and that it snapped together this easily. Here are the original captures, the mesh cloud in Capturing Reality, the set in Modo and the Final render. I could not yet get the bottom of the boot on so it was hollow.

Second go was a vintage camera and the lens kinda messed upt the whole thing. I would like to go back and try to remodel this to clean it up. The details on the leather and all the dust made me happy. Hollow bottom.

Third time is a charm with a sculpture made by Drew Leshko (big fans here). This time I shot 430 images. Half with it right side up, half with it on it's back. I made two meshes this time and stuck them together in Modo to get a full 3d model with no hollow bottom. Really digging on this.