Navel Gazing.

My work has been very technical as of late which I am finding odd as I like to think of myself more in the vein of the imaginative  worlds. But the simplicity of an object  has been very relaxing and satisfying to capture. I think my ideal project would take elements from Joel Peter Witkin, Kim Cheever, Lucas Samaras, The early Starn Twins and a touch of Crewdson. But that is a high hill to climb and the fall is quite long.

The table top work has been really nice in that it helps me with learning to work on that scale with lights. It's really simple and commercial, not super challenging, but a obtainable goal for an evening. I am working my way towards breaking the bond between photography and illustration, where the camera supplies the source files for the final composition. And this is a nice break to just focus on the craft of photography and lighting.