Apple disregarding Pro Users?

My computer is getting a bit long in the tooth so I wanted to track down some reading about the direction Apple is taking regarding it's Pro Line of gear.  It seems fairly obvious that the iOS devices is the direction the company is going and I have been getting closer to switching to a Windows system since the price point for the gear is waaaaay off once you get to the Mac Pro line versus what you can get in a Windows tower. I already will never buy another Apple monitor again since they are all glossy now so I think it's only a matter of time till I have to get a Windows machine for any kind of serious work. This forum has a nice 25 page long thread of speculation.

Is Apple still serious about the professional market? Mac Rumors

Two items of note on the front page alone:

"Jobs says Apple is a Mobile Device company now, and I guess he would know. "

"However some are speculating that by 2012 Apple will be dropping the Mac Pro."