Reason number 20 I can't use PSCS4 and why it's a total piece of shit. - PS CS4 - image opens on wrong monitor

I heard from an Adobe developer today that the image always opening on the "main" monitor is an official "bug". No word on when it will be fixed.

I have 3 monitors here and I can't have the images constantly open up behind my pallets. It's very annoying. PS10 can do it fine. PSCS4 Fails. And it crashes on every other image. PSCS3 runs fine.

Buggy product released too early. Not fit for use professionally in any way.

Yes, I am being harsh. My clients demand the best work, my tools have to perform to meet their needs. The tools don't work, I won't use them. Photoshop CS4 is a unusable piece of shit. No other way to state it. I now use The Gimp more so then I use PSCS4.

So I am sticking with PSCS3 until it gets fixed. And I am not happy about spending all the money on a unused upgrade.