The zips come to an end.

click opera - Mister narrative of the decade

Design Just as hemlines follow the economy, so design follows geopolitics. If the confident 90s could give us a computer that "comes in colours" (the iMac, which echoed the optimism of the 60s and was sold with a 60s soundtrack), the 00s returned us to self-effacing "I'm not really here" products embarrassed by their environmental footprint, getting the job done and playing it safe.

I agree with most of the points in here. There "end of decade' lists and articles are starting already and it's just Aug. What will be happening in the fall?In my opinion the past ten years have been one long political nightmare with a economic cold sweat wake up in the middle of the night as someone rattles the door knob. I wonder how this has effected the kids growing up in this time..... hmm...