Steam for the Mac

Next up let's discuss Steam for the Mac. Steam is basically a iTunes store for games on your computer mixed with a instant messenger / email client to be used in game. You can see what games your friends are playing and send them a chat asking if they want to play something. Very fun. Also until the 24th, Portal is free. As in beer. As in cheers. It's free to install just be sure to read up on the Mac system requirements to run the games. No Mac Minis or Macbooks I am afraid.  You need a independent graphics card and it won't tell you this till you download a game and try to run it.

I am loading up Steam everyday hoping they will release a new game and I can lap it up.  Which is a problem. Which is a Mac problem.  The problem being, there are no games on the damn Mac. Well there are, but I can list them on one hand. Indie games don't count so shut up about World of Goo and Braid.  I mean real 10 gig texture packs big ass fancy games. I await with baited breath TF2 , Half Life, Modern Warfare, etc...

Yes, I can boot into Windows via bootcamp (installed) but I could also go sleep with a crack smoking, toothless hooker if I wanted. Yes, I am comparing Windows to a crack smoking, toothless hooker and really, is this the internet fight you want to get into? You may like crack smoking toothless hookers and want to sing the praises of the various flavors of such, but I sir do not share your tastes.

The first week on Steam was rough though. Portal was crashing left and right, Steam was hanging, lots of little glitches. But it seems like a lot of those bugs have been ironed out already. Kudos to them for that.

I just wonder why Fallen Earth, Warhammer and Eve Online do not show up as ported to the Mac yet?

You know why I think I like Steam so much though? Mac gaming is a lot like this Eddie Murphy's joke about a cracker. I'm just so glad to see such a major for in PC gaming step up to the Mac I'll sing it's praises till the end of the earth. If anyone wants to track me down on steam look up Dankred. I have all of two games currently on the Mac side, lol!