WAP logo study

Was tinkering around with vellum and the detangle node in Houdini yesterday and came up with this little logo study for the band, “We are Parasols”. Liking Redshift in Houdini quite a bit as well. Volumetrics are pretty easy to do. Though I say that after failing terribly at a fire sim this weekend……


Just getting my get up and go on here so I thought I’d post away here. why not right? Anyways, this is pretty amazing feat.

five keen amateur astrophotographers challenged themselves and decided to capture a picture of 1060 hours of total exposure time, which can be considered as a world record (professional astronomy excluded).

Pretty cool image.


You can download the full high rez file as well. Some interesting wallpapers could be made from that for sure.

When I first sat down, I thought my saved tabs told an interesting story as well. Gee, can you tell where my focus is now-a-days?


New Work in the Wild

Some recent stuff that we have been doing has surfaced on the internet. Really fun project with cool CG sets built out. When we get some time I’ll try to put together a “making of”.


Just a couple renders

Just been doing some simpler renders trying out different things the past few nights. Never built out any neon and wanted to try out some things with the new volume mesher. All built using C4d and redshift.


“I absolutely detest modern ‘social media’ — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. It’s a disease. It seems to encourage bad behavior,”
— https://www.businessinsider.com/linus-torvalds-says-twitter-facebook-instagram-a-disease-2019-4

Salvaged Beseler 23IIc enlarger!

My good friend Jeremy found this sitting on the side of the road and since it had a lens I was interested in seeing it. He was kind enough to pick it up, sit on it for probably a month and brought it over tonight. Electronics still work and has BOTH lenses which is unheard of, they are a bit mangey though. The gearing is shot to hell without a hope. I think I may make a wall sconce out of it in a way that if I ever got the notion I could use it in a darkroom. The video is shot through the massive focusing lens. I have a crazy notion to make a rig to mount that to a camera……