New Work in the Wild: Butler Bros "Real Good" gum.

Been a busy monkey here so I have not been doing enough of my daily CGI or postings here. Much apology, such sorry. But anyways, I recently did some CPG renders for Butler Bros out of Austin that came out really well.  Getting the foil looking like that was fun to figure out. Check out the full gallery and read up on it at their site.  Butler Bros Real Good Gum Campaign. 

Adidas Winterize

Photographer Ryan Unruh asked me to lend a hand with the post and CGI for a project with Camp Grizzly for Adidas. The concept was to have weather changing and swirling around the photographs of the product. We had less then a week to concept, build, render and composite these files. A bit of a hectic week but very happy with the results. Used Modo and a few particle sims to render out the FX and sweeps. Assembled in Photoshop. On Behance.

Client Adidas
Agency: Camp Grizzly
Photographer: Ryan Unruh
CGI and Retouching: Daniel Kopton / Danklife. 

New Work in the Wild:Nike Doernbecher

Proud to have been brought on board by Photographer Ryan Unruh to do the post for Nike Doernbecher, a pretty awesome charity. 

"Twelve years later, the Freestyle Collection has raised over $11 million to help expand the hospital’s pioneering research, support clinical care, purchase state-of-the-art equipment, recruit new experts and subsidize the cost of care for families in need."

Did all the post and came up with the fun little CGI boxes to put them all in. Great shooting by Ryan made it easy to snap it all together. Check em out!



Shoot At Oddball Tattoo

So the last post was all about getting the Vivitars fired up and this one shows the results.  Because they are so small you get razor sharp light on your subjects.  Man, they are moody things to work with though.  Moody but worth it.


New work released into the wild today. Nike women's cleat pack for 2016 is live on the Nike site.  Shot by Ryan Unruh I built up the CGI stadium and grass. Few "out of memory" errors later and VIOLA, here ya go.  Enjoy! 

New Work in the Wild

Made a new illustration for Predator Friendly Records for their 2015 sampler. Fun little cassette tape piece.

New work in the wild

A project we did with Empire Green Creative for Riddell just went live. Bunch of images on insatgram as well. Look for it in the portfolio soon.

Army- Tools for the job.

Just posted a new project to Behance. Photographer Patrik Giardino asked me if I would help build up some images for a United States Army project late 2013 into early 2014.  Here are the builds that made it all happen.  Great shooting by Patrik to capture all of this. 

Client: Army

Photographer: Patrik Giardino

Post: Danklife

Kingwhale fabric Landscapes

Kyle Wiley at Eight Day asked me if I could shoot some fabric samples for him and make them look like landscapes while showing off different aspects of the material. Here are the results. Used my trusty Dedolights and tilt shift 90mm. Full Portfolio on my Behance site.