Houdini and Vellum.

Taking a break from learning more about Houdini’s attribute nodes to do a short study with the new Vellum solver. I did not simplify the geo in this model or tweak it. Just dropped all of it into one geo node and Houdini delt with it rather well besides a few pointed points. The animation never comes to a rest but like I said, I just plugged it in and let it rip. Using RedShift for my render engine and learning that now as well.

Moving forward with the new year, I plan on posting my danklife instagram imagery here with a bit more back story for two reasons. One, I can add the backstory and direct link to any tutorials or resources used in the making of. Two, instagrams compression officially sucks major shit. Good lord, it’s terribad. I guess part three would be to replace the dumpster fire the danklife facebook page as well.