Photoshop is a city for everyone: how Adobe endlessly rebuilds its classic app

Photoshop has grown and changed over the last two decades, becoming something new and unexpected. That’s great: it means new functionality and (in theory) better performance. But if, like my dad, you’ve been using the app from the beginning, when it was a tiny village that did one thing and did it well, you might be suspicious of all this change. Or at least wonder what it’s good for. Photoshop today seems basically feature complete, and totally unassailable. It's more than just the best professional image editing app: it's kind of the only professional image editing app. It’s the city that, to do your job, you have to live in.

The PC isn’t ready to die, it’s ready for a rebirth

Desktops sales have slowed because manufacturers have let their designs stagnate, but the need for a comfortable machine you can work on hasn’t gone away. Who will reinvent the PC and reap the rewards?

Every other week, there seems to be story about the PC dying. This week, it was because Intel is planning on exiting the motherboard business. The screwy thing is, I think the exact opposite is about to happen. Not only is the desktop not dead, it’s about to go through a resurgence. We’re just waiting for that visionary vendor who realizes that bigger is still better, and this Lemming-like agreement that the desktop is dead is holding people back. Here’s why.

I want to scream this from a mountain top. I hope, beyond hope, that Apple pulls it's head out of it's consumer driven ass and makes a great new PC. I need a new desktop like you would not believe.

Pocket Wizard update

A number of enhancements have been made to the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5’s HyperSync feature. These changes can improve the performance of HyperSync and make it easier to configure. This new method adjusts HyperSync timing in two separate places – on the transmitter and on the receiving ControlTL radio. The transmitting or on-camera MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 automatically adjusts HyperSync to compensate for changes made to shutter speed. Photographers can further refine HyperSync via the PocketWizard Utility.

New Pocket Wizard update 6.0for the MiniTT1 and FLexTT5

Drag-and-drop on applet broken in Safari 5.1

So with the new Safari upgrade Apple broke Java on all browsers. This affects how the Danklife Client Area works as it breaks drag and drop functionality. If you run into this problem as well just hold down Command & Shift and you can drag the applet out of you browser window and then it will work.

I have just upgraded to Safari 5.1 and I notice that drag-and-drop from the Finder to my Java applet does not work anymore (as it is already the case with Firefox 4 and Google Chrome). Now Safari 5.1 acts as Google Chrome : instead of handling drag-and-drop, it displays the dropped file in a new window.

My applet worked fine before upgrading Safari. I have also tested on Safari 5.1 on the Windows platform : drag-and-drop works perfectly.

This is very annoying because, until now, Safari was the only browser on Mac OS X that allowed drag-and-drop on an applet (if I except Firefox 3.6 - which is not the last version of Mozilla browser - and maybe less known browser...). Does anybody know if there is a workaround ?

Unfortunately this is a known issue with Plugin2, which has become the default applet plug-in for all browsers on Snow Leopard and Lion as of yesterday. We have not found NPAPI to have sufficient facilities for us to replicate Java's external drag-and-drop services, and are looking for other technical avenues to pursue.

As a workaround, you can detach the applet from the web page by holding down Cmd-Shift and dragging. The detached applet should respond correctly any DnD operations.

So there you go. You will have a floating Java window that looks like it's own Application.

High speed tests with sound triggers


Wanted to try out some high speed tests using a sound trigger to pop the strobes and these are the test files.  Last one is a screen grab from 100% which shows that there is no blur at all going on in those drops.  I was really wailing on the cymbal as well.  Fun stuff.

Apple disregarding Pro Users?

My computer is getting a bit long in the tooth so I wanted to track down some reading about the direction Apple is taking regarding it's Pro Line of gear.  It seems fairly obvious that the iOS devices is the direction the company is going and I have been getting closer to switching to a Windows system since the price point for the gear is waaaaay off once you get to the Mac Pro line versus what you can get in a Windows tower. I already will never buy another Apple monitor again since they are all glossy now so I think it's only a matter of time till I have to get a Windows machine for any kind of serious work. This forum has a nice 25 page long thread of speculation.

Is Apple still serious about the professional market? Mac Rumors

Two items of note on the front page alone:

"Jobs says Apple is a Mobile Device company now, and I guess he would know. "

"However some are speculating that by 2012 Apple will be dropping the Mac Pro."

CS5, holding the spacebar shortcut not working?

Blame Firefox... No shit.

I have a brand new imac intel i7 27" and have installed photoshop cs5, but the spacebar hand tool is not working. any ideas? the hand tool and all other tools work, just the shortcut key of holding the spacebar doesn't work.

"I've been having the same problem and by accident discovered that my spacebar short cut didn't work if I had my Firefox browser open. So if you are running Firefox by any chance while working in Photoshop CS5 - close it. I ran Safari instead and the hand tool works if that browser is open."


More on the facebook

For us it comes down to two things: fair choices and best intentions. In our view, Facebook doesn't do a good job in either department. Facebook gives you choices about how to manage your data, but they aren't fair choices, and while the onus is on the individual to manage these choices, Facebook makes it damn difficult for the average user to understand or manage this. We also don't think Facebook has much respect for you or your data, especially in the context of the future.

It's getting closer for me. The fact that I have the business and can sort of use that as a front to more people is what is keeping me there. But they really are being quite evil.

Very close to doing this

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account - wikiHow

Facebook normally allows users only to "deactivate" their accounts, leaving their information intact. This can simply be done by going to Facebook Home, Account, Account Settings and then Deactivate. But what if you want to permanently delete your account? Facebook does not publicise the method, we wonder why? Here's how:

Facebook has been getting very sketchy as of late. I am pretty close to killing off my account.